The Subjectivity Bias!

Aug 14, 2014, 18:23 – The Subjectivity Bias!
Quite frankly, if you ask me what the above title means, I may not be able to fully explain. But I intend to at least state what I’m using it to mean within the present context. I’m so pissed. Yes! So angry at any system that condones lopsided views and tinted opinions that are at best malicious. Any system that’s ready to believe the worst with prejudice to justice, fairness and charity is at best dysfunctional. Any system that suppresses openness and sincerity is a system of mass destruction. It’s a system that can only breed malice, envy, backbiting, jealously and even murder; it matters not if this system is secular or religious.
It’s true that the thief suspects everyone else around him/her. It’s a natural phenomenon. It’s human nature. If I have a hardened heart, I would find it difficult to love genuinely or even return that love when it is shown me. In the same vein, the adulterer or fornicator thinks everyone he/she sees with the opposite sex equally is guilty of the same shortcoming. Tell me, why wouldn’t a pornography addict think his children may be watching pornography behind his back? Why wouldn’t a cheating husband suspect his wife of infidelity? This is what I call the ‘subjectivity bias’. It’s a problem of perspective. A system made up of leaders with the ‘subjectivity bias’ is on the highway to disension, chaos, anarchy and doom. No one would ever be real. Pretense, insincerity and lies will reign supreme.
My advice? Simple! Before you slant that particular situation into your own ‘weak’ perspective, try to at least give the other person the benefit of the doubt. Frankly, not everyone wearing a hood and looking over his head at intervals is a thief. Not everyone with black lips is a smoker. Not everyone standing outside the brothel wants to patronise a prostitute. Not everyone who returns home late has been to a joint. Not everyone with a sullen face has issues within. Not everyone who inhales at intervals is a junkie.
So those to lead secular or religious systems must be those who understand and encourage sincerity and openness. Not those who’d shout and scream at every little offense, pretending they are the best when they in fact have so many skeletons hidden in their cupboards. Be bold enough to be open. Be bold enough to encourage it in others. And whatever happens, don’t think the worst. If you do, you’d seldom be disappointed.

Published by:

Fada Oselumhense Anetor

Studied at St Paul Minor Seminary, Benin City; Saints Peter and Paul Major Seminary, Bodija, Ibadan; Catholic Institute of West Africa, Port-Harcourt, Nigeria. Ordained a Catholic Priest for the Diocese of Uromi on the 11th of August 2012. Loves working with young people

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