So it’s Pentecost

Pentecost Sunday, Year B. Reflection by Rev Fr Oselumhense Anetor (Uromi Diocese).

Waiting for New Gifts? Don’t!

Acts 2:1-11; 1 Cor. 12:3-7, 12-13; John 20:19-23

Many of us have already been to Church, and we’ve heard many beautiful homilies. In my Church here at the Catholic Institute of West Africa (CIWA), Obehie Campus, it was a glorious experience. The homilist, Fr Luke (a scripture scholar) spoke so clearly and simply about the person of the Holy Spirit, the symbols associated with the Holy Spirit (water, wind, fire and the dove) the gifts of the Holy Spirit and much more. As he spoke, I was truly inspired to pen down something for us all as well.

– No one can ever understand God (the Holy Spirit is God)
– The Holy Spirit is as powerful as a mighty wind, as purifying as fire, as gentle and sure as water, and as harmless and peaceful as a dove.
– Each of us has these manifestations of the Holy Spirit in us.
– Each of us has unique gifts of the Holy Spirit, which we must continue to fan into flame.
– The gift of tongues is unique; the manner in which it happened in Acts 2 (where all could understand in their own different languages) has never happened again.
– The gift of tongues we see today in the Church is real and unique. Those who however learn to speak it are fakes.

Finally, at the end of the mass,  we were made to pick up papers with different gifts written on them. This was for me an inspiring ceremony. When  I opened my paper, I saw inside it ‘counsel and mildness’. I said ‘Amen’ quickly.

So must we wait for new gifts? The answer is no. The Holy Spirit already gave them all to us at the moment of our baptism. What we need to do is discover them and fan them all into roaring flames.

God bless you. Happy Pentecost!

Nota Bene: Tomorrow, we shall continue with the Eight Week of Ordinary Time.  Our colour shall again return to green.  Mind you, there’s nothing ‘ordinary’ about ordinary time.

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